in the Park


What are we looking for?

• Actors who are comfortable with heightened language,

and who can communicate complex ideas and rich

imagery with the respect and spirit they demand

• Actors who bring creative offers to rehearsal, and who

come prepared with their required character or text

research completed– there is little time to teach these


• Ensemble players who are enthused about playing a

variety of roles in support of the story, and who are fully

generous to their fellow performers

Will I play more than one role?

• Guaranteed! The repertory nature of the ensemble means

that every actor will have roles in each play

• Those who are required to carry a larger role in one play

will have a balance with supporting role(s) in the other.

We’re trying to be egalitarian!

How loudly must I speak?

• A voice that is confidently supported and clearly

articulated is an asset. (this is an ‘athletic’ text and we

ARE outdoors). Microphones will be used to support

voices, not to compensate for the lack of them.

When are rehearsals?

• Beginning July 5th, rehearsals will be structured to make

the best use of the ensemble’s varied schedules – you will

only be called for the rehearsals you are required, but are

Welcome to come to more if you wish

Where are rehearsals?

• All rehearsals are conducted in Red Deer and will be

conducted either at Red Deer Fencing Club or another

location before moving to the outdoor venue in the

production week.

Where do actors come from?

• BARD traditionally includes actors from across Alberta

including Red Deer, Edmonton, Calgary, Rosebud,

Canmore and elsewhere

• Prime Stock Theatre seeks to make theatre accessible

and relevant to audiences across central Alberta. As such,

we are passionate about maintaining an artist roster that

represents the diversity of our region, and we encourage

applications from anyone with a

passion for collaboration, and a

spirit of inclusion.

What is a Co-op?

• A Co-op is an ensemble of artists and production

personnel who work collaboratively towards producing a

show – each shares their talents where they are best suited

and each receives a share of the Box Office (and all of the


• Prime Stock Theatre will front all of the expenses and

management for the event – the cast is not expected to

contribute monetarily, nor be held liable for any loss

• the Box Office share will be set upon signing of the

performer’s contract, and based upon the number of

participants (maximum 30 artist shares expected).

• all shares will be distributed equitably after expenses

What & how will I be paid?

• each artist is guaranteed an equitable share of generated

revenue (the amount depends upon Box Office and

sponsorship revenues)

• All cheques and printed box office reports are distributed

on the day of final strike (a running total is posted daily)

• In a traditional Co-op all artists contribute to the costs of

production and share in the profits – at BARD no artist is

required to contribute monetarily

I heard that some actors are

paid a wage?

• YES – last season (2019) we were granted several

Canada Summer Jobs positions from the federal

government which enabled us to hire 9 artists under a

weekly wage. These actors are not shareholders as well.

• While we have applied for similar funds this season, there

is no guarantee that we will receive any such funds, nor of

how many we may be able to hire under that grant. We

will not know until mid-late May.

• If we are fortunate enough to receive funds, the rate may

be $15/hr x 35 hours a week for 8-12 weeks. Some hiring

restrictions apply.

What if I have to commute from

out of town?

• BARD on BOWER offers limited travel allowance for

those who must commute from out of town

• When possible, BARD will try to aid cast members in

finding suitable billets as required

What if I only want to be in one


• The repertory nature of the ensemble means that every

actor will have roles in each play

• Ideally, we are looking for actors who can commit to

BOTH plays (in a balance of roles)

• We have found that actors who were only in one play

found that they missed out on the ‘company’

• The ability to consistently schedule rehearsals is

extremely taxing, and made more difficult when trying to

accommodate a larger company

What other responsibilities do I

have in addition to acting?

• As an active member of the ensemble you will be asked to

support set-up strike of the shows each day

• Devising and performing Live sponsor commercials, as

well as actively encouraging audience donations

• Duties may include – collecting props, organizing the

backstage, striking front of house, or securing pieces of

the stage,

• All company members will be assigned specific duties

according to their abilities

What is the rehearsal schedule


• Based upon the availability of the company members, we

will work around personal work and travel schedules as

much as possible

• Generally we try to schedule work on either play on

alternate days – sometimes both plays on the same day

• As an actor, you are only called for the scenes you are in,

as well as runs and dress/tech rehearsals

• Most days end by 10:00 pm - start times vary depending

upon availability

• Actors are expected to come prepared and ‘off book’ by

the 2nd time a scene is worked

Is this a ‘Safe Space’?

• YES - BARD on BOWER operates as a respectful

workplace which honours the artist and their work, and

which seeks to reject harassment or intimidation which

may infringe upon personal rights

• BARD on BOWER is committed to operate under similar

guidelines outlined through the ‘Safe spaces’ initiative of

CAEA and PACT, as well as CITT workplace standards.

• 2021 means that BARD will devise COVID-19 protocols

for safe rehearsal, performance staging, audience

interactions, backstage dressing room areas, and local

touring. This may require continual re-adjustment as time

progresses or as AHS restrictions permit. An assigned

COVID Marshall will be expected to monitor working

and performance conditions, and address cast and

company concerns in a timely manner.

What are the Live commercials?

• In 2017, the BARD cast began to offer and create live

pre-show commercials performed for our sponsors and

partners – these quickly became a highlight for the

audience, and an important way for us to honour our

sponsors. The cast is included in the creation of a series

of these 15 - 30 second ‘spots’ featuring local business

partners which are then performed live during pre-show

and intermission at BARD.

What is BARD in a BOX about?

• This is a series of short (45 minute)

versions of some of Shakespeare’s

most popular plays produced for popup

performances. Based upon a

model by Theatre Repercussion

(Montréal), BARD has adopted the

idea to bring a small company of 4-5

actors to the community parks of Red

Deer and region. We will look to

perform and promote BARD in

neighbourhood parks, campgrounds,

block parties and at community

centres & Senior’s residences as

well. (AHS permitting 2021)

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