BARD in a BOX - Coming to a park near you!

Comedy of Errors & A Midsummer Night's Dream Touring Schedule:


Tuesday, July 9th  

5:00pm, COMEDY

Place: Westpark – 41 ST & 59 Ave Crescent Park


Wednesday, July 10th  

5:00pm DREAM - BARRETT PARK – Beside Kinex – next to Outdoor Gym

7:00pm COMEDY  - Sunnybrook (Stirling Close)

Place: BARRETT PARK & Sunnybrook


Thursday, July 11th  

4:00pm   DREAM - Best Close

6:00 pm  COMEDY - Bunn Close

Place: BOWER – Best Close & Bunn Close


Friday, July 12th  

7:00pm, BOTH SHOWS

Place: Here to Mars, 4924 50 Street 


Saturday, July 13th

2:00pm, COMEDY 

Place:  Revera Inglewood, 10 Inglewood Drive. 


4:00pm, DREAM

Timberlands  – ?


Sunday, July 14th


Place: The town of Springbrook. 


Saturday, July 20th


Place: Kerry Wood Nature Centre. 


Thursday, August 1st  

2:00pm, DREAM 

Place:  Revera Aspen Ridge, 3100 22nd Street 


Friday, August 2nd  

2:00pm, DREAM?

Place:  Bethany?


Sunday, August 11th   

(TBA) 7:00pm -  DREAM

Place:  Penhold

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