the 2014 Bard on Bower included:




“O what a rogue and peasant slave am I” - Hamlet


Set against the backdrop of 19th century industrial boom, Hamlet is charged by the ghost of his dead father – a baron of big industry – to avenge his untimely death.  Playing with madness, driven by his passions and alienating his friends, Hamlet discovers the deadly dangers of his quest to uncover the truth, and his failure to act.  In the end, the people he loves dearest will die to uncover a lie that is fed by greed and corruption.


“the play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King” - Hamlet






“Lord, What Fools these Mortals Be” - Puck


Its Shakespeare meets MAD MEN meets Woodstock. Set in 1960’s New York, A MADsummer Night’s Dream places the court of Theseus in the boardrooms of Madison Avenue, where men and women practice the art of persuasion amidst clearly defined gender roles.  Escaping the excesses of power and glamour, four Young Lovers run to Central Park where they become immersed in the counter culture of the Bohemian “free love generation” and experimental hallucinogens.  Meanwhile, nearby, the antics of local tradesmen are pranked as they to attempt to rehearse their community play, and the hilarious actor ‘Bottom’ finds himself made an ass for the enjoyment of others. And all set against the music of the 60’s!

“Methinks I am marvelous hairy about the face” - Bottom


The 2014 Ensemble included:

Albertus Koett

Alexandra Taylor

Andres Moreno

Anna Pinder

Derek Olinek

Heather Cornick

Isiah Williams

J P Lord

Jennifer Engler

Jordan Wieben

Kathryn Huedepohl

Lauren Acheson

Matt Tokarchik

Omar El-Tasse

Patrick Beagan

Rick Knievel

Ryan Mattila

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Spicer

Tara Rorke

Thomas Usher

Tom Bradshaw

Victoria Wells-Smith

Warren Stephens

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