Have You Ever

...been locked in a room you couldn't get out of?

...been in a relationship you couldn't get out of?

...set unattainable expectations for yourself?

...felt that you don't fit in your own body?

...wanted something or someone that didn't want you back?

...felt that you've never shaken your high school reputation?

...felt that you're still sitting in a time-out that's never going to end?


KICKED IN THE HEAD was a contemporary dance and gallery experience choreographed by Peggy Glasgo (one of the choreographers of Sad Victoria's Pelican Day).

It was performed at the Scott Block Theatre September 30th, October 1, 2, 6-9, 2010.


DANCERS: Ainsley Hillyard, Darren Paul & Peggy Glasgo

COSTUMES by Valerie Turback

LIGHTING DESIGN by Heather Cornick


GALLERY after the show featured the art of Shelley Kozachenkco              PHOTOGRAPHY by Tracy Kuhl

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