the 2013 BARD on BOWER included:


a comedy by William Shakespeare


“All the world’s a stage” explains the melancholy Jaques...


Set in 1930’s Canada, As You Like It places the forest of Arden in the backwoods of Northern Ontario / Quebec.  Follow Rosalind and Orlando as they seek to define the roles that men and women play best when they woo.  In a time when women sought to express their independence and re-define their role, the spunky Rosalind seeks new adventure and true love bourn out of mutual respect.  Smile, as she lives the rustic life amidst the lumberjacks and Group of 7 painters that roam the woods.  Cross dressing and mistaken identities abound in the wilds of Algonquin; its fun for the entire family!


 “I pray you, do not fall in love with me, for I am falser than vows made in wine” -Rosalind


a tragedy by William Shakespeare


“For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring” - Benvolio


In a world of hot sun and fiery Latin passion Romeo & Juliet meet at a Day of the Dead celebration and discover the dangers that forbidden love brings to themselves and their families.  Under the tutelage of a well-meaning friar, the pair seeks to escape the mistrust that blinds their families and brings ruin to their friends.  Now they must hide their love until a new dawn brings the promise of a future together . . . or perish in the darkness of a hate that divides.


“My only love sprung from my only hate” – Juliet

The 2013 Ensemble included:

Aaron Casselman
Andres F. Moreno
Bill Jacobsen
Daniel Vasquez
Derick Neumeier
Elise Dextraze
Eric Pettifor
Jennifer Cocolicchio
Jennifer Engler
Kayla Nickel
Natascha Schulmeister
Nicole Leal
Silverius Materi
Tyler Rienhold

The Production Team:

Candace Tews
Derek Olinek
Gwen McCagg
Heather Cornick
Jessica Trimble
Justin Bronson
Lauren Acheson
Marnie Rath
Morgan McKee
Omar El-Tasse
Patrick Beagan
Rick Knievel
Rocky Beekhan
Thomas Usher

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