the 2015 Bard on Bower included:

“If music be the food of Love – play on!” - Orsino

It’s a Shakespearean Surfin’ Safari! Set on the beaches of idyllic Illyria, Viola loves the handsome Orsino who loves the beautiful Olivia who, in turn, is in love with the young Viola disguised as a boy! Throw in a couple of foolish knights, a missing brother and some summer frolic and you have the recipe for midsummer madness. Backed with lots of music from our live Beach Boys tribute band (Underside Pattern)!

“Blow winds, and crack your cheeks!” - Lear

After years in power, the aging monarch divests his throne (after 44 years?) to his three daughters of indifferent nature. Ungrateful and scheming, Goneril and Regan abuse their frail father’s love while only his youngest daughter, the outcast Cordelia, remains committed to his well-being. This leaves Lear heartbroken and confused, as he and his faithful fool seek strange followers and comfort elsewhere. Now wandering in the midst of a raging storm – Lear battles the storm in his head and in his heart as he navigates a new political reality. Political intrigue, family politics and a question of palliative care.
“O, let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven . . .” - Lear

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