Bard On Bower 2017!

BARD on BOWER returns for its 7th season of Shakespearean Frolic on the shores of beautiful Bower Ponds in Red Deer!  Join our talented ensemble as we produce two plays in repertory.


Anthony & Cleopatra / Two Gentlemen of Verona


A&C opens:  July 13, 2017  (8 performances)

Verona opens: July 20, 2017 (8 performances)

BARD closes:  July 30, 2017


Two Gentlemen of Verona – Director: Eric Pettifor

Antonio thinks that travel will round out his son's character, but Protheus is in love with local girl Julia.  He first exchanges vows with her, then follows his father's directive to Milan.  There he falls in love with the beautiful Silvia, daughter to the Duke.  Trouble is, she's already in love with his best friend Valentine, even though her father wants her to marry Sir Thurio.  And what of poor Julia back in Verona? 

       The Two Gentlemen of Verona is an early work of Shakespeare's in which we see emerging themes he will address repeatedly in his later work; love, betrayal, jealousy, banishment, outlaws, saucy servants, and, of course, girls dressing like boys and seeking their fortune in the wider world.


"Who is Silvia? What is she,

That all our swains commend her?"

(Act IV, scene ii)


Anthony & Cleopatra – Director: Albertus Koett

Mark Antony, ruler of 1/3 of the Roman Empire, is torn between his love of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, and his duties back at home. An uprising in Rome has called Antony back, but his heart and soul remain behind with the easily-made-jealous Cleopatra. Betrayal, jealousy, and deceit threaten to take down all they care for.

Set against the backdrop of mob life in 1970’s New York City.


Take but good note, and you shall see in him
The triple pillar of the world transform'd
Into a strumpet's fool”

                                                            (Act I, scene i)

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