Bard on Bower Production Team:

The Bard on Bower is an artist co-op; the core cast, crew and production team are shareholders in the festival, and payment is based on how much money is made beyond the recovery of a portion of our expenses.


  • FRONT of HOUSE- Each performance we will need volunteers to help set-up the space, welcome guests, collect donations, and be ambassadors for the festival.


  • COSTUMERS- Each show needs a costume designer who is responsible for sourcing and altering (when necessary) all costumes for one of the two productions, in conjunction with the vision the Director has for that show and each character. We will work with you to find casual volunteer help with alterations if needed.


  • SET/PROP DESIGNER(S)- There is a base ‘festival stage’ with a structure of platforms and stairs which needs design elements to make each show look unique. The line is quite blurred between set, set dressing and props in this setting. You would work with our TD to see all physical elements completed, installed and stricken from the Bower Ponds stage.


  • STAGE MANAGERS– Each show needs an SM throughout rehearsals and performances. The schedule is not consistent as both shows rehearse at the same time, with the week and even each day sometimes split between both productions. You will be involved in operating the audio during performances.


  • TECHNICIAN– You will be responsible for the set up and operation of the sound system for all performances. You will attend rehearsals close to performance time to help create the mic map and to become familiar with the productions. You will also assist with the light hang, and the daily dressing of the set.

For more information, or to submit your resume to join the Bard crew, e-mail

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