The Bard on Bower Festival                                                            is produced by Prime Stock Theatre

A message from our Artistic Director- Richard Beaune


On behalf of Prime Stock Theatre, I am delighted to welcome you to the 2022 Bard on Bower Festival, my first as Artistic Director. It amazes me how much artistic ground we will be covering with our program this year. From the magic of fairyland to the political intrigue of real history and a splash of tongue in cheek parody, one really sees the scope of what Shakespeare provides for present day theatre artists to play with. And we have assembled a terrific ensemble to play together. If you have come to see one show, I thank you for taking part in our festival, and I strongly encourage you to take in another in order to fully appreciate the range of our company. If you’ve seen more than one, then you already know what I’m talking about. We’re grateful for your support and delighted to continue to be a part of this great community. We hope you enjoy the shows!!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Director’s Notes - David Owen


It is not everyday that someone gets the opportunity to direct a beautiful piece of classical theatre like this, nor the chance to work with such a talented and dedicated group of artists! When I was approached by Prime Stock to take the helm, I couldn’t say no. Besides, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my wife’s favourite Shakespeare play. (This is my favourite Shakespearean comedy, at least partially for the fantasy elements. My favourite is the Scottish play, but Richard was already directing the “serious” show.)

As Puck says at the end of the play, this show is meant to be nothing “but a dream.” In turbulent times like these, who doesn’t need a short reprieve from the reality of the world and spend some time entertained by fantastical mischief and young love. I see this production as a form of self-care, a chance to laugh and get swept up in a magical world and the passions of teenage love. “Lord, what fools these mortals be.”

Our play has three levels of reality. The first and closest to “real” involves the Athenian nobility. This includes the four lovers, Theseus, Hippolyta, and Egeus. It is through their initial conflict—Hermia is in love with Lysander but her father, Egeus, has promised her to Demetrius—that launches the story. The second level involves the Mechanicals. They are labourers and though they share the same world as the nobility, they are not of the same world. These characters are written to be humorous, and we leaned-in on the physical and verbal comedy. They also differ from the nobles by their steam-punk inspired look. The final level of reality involves the world of the Faye populated by fairies, goblins, Titania, Queen of the Fairies, and Oberon, the goblin King. Robin Goodfellow, an imp, also inhabits this level of reality, a
mischievous spirit that loves to cause trouble and disorder. The conceit of the play centers around the overlap of these levels of reality and how their mixing causes all manner of turmoil. And, like any good romantic comedy, by the end everything is set aright, and all the couples are paired up appropriately.    “All is mended.”

The first scene starts off sounding like a tragedy. Egeus calls for Hermia’s death if she does not acquiesce to his demand that she marries Demetrius. However, the young lovers decide to run away together through the woods with Demetrius and Helena in pursuit. The play takes a quick turn into romantic comedy with a fantastical twist for the next three acts and then turns to pure comedy with the play-within-a-play performed by the Mechanicals in the final act. The play starts seriously and steadily descends into comedic silliness prompting Hippolyta to say, “This is the silliest stuff that ever I heard.”

It was an absolute pleasure working with this amazing team of performers, designers, and technicians. I feel privileged for having the chance to create this fun and fantastic show for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed presenting it to you, and that you leave here feeling refreshed and elated as though you have just awoken from a fantastic dream.


David Owen

Richard II

Directors Notes by Richard Beaune


Richard II is a play about political intrigue, power and leadership, particularly changes in leadership. It seemed like a topical play for our times. Shakespeare was reaching a long way back into history to find inspiration for this play, because it reflected so well on the political questions of his world, but his audiences were a bit more familiar with the real people who Shakespeare based his story on. There are a couple of people in particular who are referred to in the play that it could help to know about.


Richard inherited the throne from his grandfather Edward III, because Richard’s father, Edward the Black Prince and Prince of Wales, had died at a relatively early age. Richard was only 10 years old when he became King of England. Edward III was seen by Shakespeare’s age as a prime example of a successful warrior king. He defeated the French and took control of most of their territory. Much of these “gains” were “lost” during the early years of Richard’s reign and there was a constant threat of rebellion and civil war.

Edward III had many children and two of his sons appear in this play, while two others who aren’t in the play are referred to significantly. The eldest son was Edward the Black Prince and Prince of Wales who I have already mentioned. There are two Edwards, which can be confusing. The next oldest surviving son was John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, who is in this play, and who is the father of Henry Bolingbroke of Hereford, Lancaster and Derby. The next surviving son is also in this play; Edmund, Duke of York. The youngest son, the Duke of Gloucester (pronounced Gloster), isn’t alive when this play begins, because he was imprisoned and died mysteriously not long before the play begins. His death is considered a murder and it leads to plenty of speculation.


If you find the history interesting, I encourage you to look up more. Shakespeare certainly found these characters inspiring and wrote a whole series of plays based on their lives. Some people think that the play Edward III was written by Shakespeare, but popular scholarship remains unconvinced. Of the commonly recognized Shakespeare plays, Richard II is the first in sequence and is followed by Henry IV, and several others after that. I hope that’s not too much of a spoiler.


Bard in a Box - "Bottom's Up"

Director's Notes - by Ash Mercia


Bard in a Box is a silly little show full of slapstick comedy, kooky characters, and plenty of local references. The biggest thing I wanted, when I decided to direct this show, was for the cast to have fun and make each other laugh. For real, I have told them that it is their goal to try and make each other break every show. I wanted to showcase just how fun Shakespeare can be, without all that fear and seriousness around the language. 


Bottom's Up is a play about the play within a play that the audience is encouraged to play in! 

Bard on Bower - Cast & Crew 2022

Here is our amazing Cast & Crew in alphabetical order:

most cast photos we're taken by @Mukeshkhugsalart

Halina Anderson

Snout & Fairy - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Queen & Scroop - Richard II


Halina, a native Red Deerian is excited to take part in this years Bard on Bower performances. She is an avid actor in the Shakespeare scene, as well as a recent graduate from Koinonia Christian School and an archer/coach at Springbrook's Archery Club. She grew up a competitive dancer, and is no rookie when it comes to giving a show her all. She hopes that through her acting, no matter the role, she may invite everyone to experience the characters' lives from a brand new, and exciting perspective. 

Richard Beaune - Artistic Director

Egeus & Robin Goodfellow (Puck) - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Director & York - Richard II


Richard Beaune has performed in every province and territory across Canada in both official languages over a career spanning more than 35 years. His work as actor and director has garnered rave reviews and several awards, including a Dora Mavor Moore Award and a Canadian Comedy Award, and has been seen in Canada’s largest theatres, including the Stratford and Shaw Festivals, as well as the smallest indie theatres and found spaces. He is the current Artistic Director of Prime Stock Theatre. Ultimately, his goal in life is to make you smile.

Lowen Carlson

Lighting & Tech - Bard on Bower Festival


Lowen Carlson hails from Whitecourt, AB. Involved in the Arts for over 20 years, he got his start in community theatre as a child, helping paint set pieces for his hometown community theatre group, Pumpjack Players. In 2015, he moved to Red Deer to study Theatre & Entertainment Productions at Red Deer College and has been involved in the Arts in Central Alberta since. Lowen’s disciplines include Technical Direction, Stage Management, Lighting, Audio, Carpentry and Rigging. Just finishing a season with Vertigo Theatre, Lowen has worked with Lunchbox Theatre, Fire Exit Theatre, Theatre Alberta’s Artstrek, Dirty Laundry Improv, Bullskit Comedy. Lowen also works building Permanent TYA Sets (Playgrounds) across Northern Alberta. He would like to thank you for supporting the Central Alberta Performing Arts and hopes you enjoy the show!

Jill Craig

Volunteer Coordinator - Bard on Bower Festival

Anja Darien

Quince, Elf & Sentinel - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Bushy, Salsbury & Servant - Richard II

Artist - 2022 Colouring Pages & Henna Tattoo for Puck


Anja (She/They/He) lives in Rosebud, AB. They are a storyteller of many areas, including acting, singing, illustration, ttrpg-playing, songwriting and more random knickknacky ways. They consider themselves to follow a bardic lifestyle, which is only fitting that Anja found their way here! Previous Credits: The Kite, A Christmas Story, (Rosebud Theatre) An L.M. Montgomery Christmas, Unity (1918), A Rosebud Nativity (Rosebud school of the arts) Anja is a neuro-divergent and queer actor and hopes that if this is your first show, that you can fall in love with theatre the same way she did when she saw Bard on Bower as a teen. Love to Stuart, who brought chicken nuggies all the way from Rosebud.

Everett Dool

Demetrius - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Mowbray & Percy - Richard II


Everett has training from both RDC's theatre program and the University of Lethbridge.  This is his first Bard on Bower, and first Shakespeare performance experience, and he is excited to share it with his fellow cast in his hometown of Red Deer. Also he is able to cook minute rice in 56 seconds.

Dustin Funk 

Oberon - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ensemble - Bard in a Box - Bottom's Up


Dustin grew up in the small town of Consort, Alberta. His love for acting came from the many plays he performed in during his time in high school. He moved to Red Deer for college where he attended RDC’s Theatre Performance and Creation program as well as the Motion Picture Arts program. Since graduating from Red Deer College in 2016, he has performed in many local dinner theatres for both Central Alberta Theatre, and Innisfail Town Theatre in such shows as Mending Fences, Crimes of the Heart, The Love (Row)Boat, As Long as We Both Shall Live, And Then There Were None, and most recently Noises Off.

Braden Guido

Stage Manager - A Midsummer Night's Dream & Richard II


Braden has been been stage managing since 2016 and has worked a variety of shows, from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Series at Central Alberta Theatre to the puppet show Creature in the Dark for the Thousand Faces Festival. He also works as Technical Director of Tree House Youth Theatre teaching kids the fundamentals of technical theatre and stage management. This is his second run of Bard on Bower shows, after the 2017 run of Antony and Cleopatra and Two Gentleman of Verona. He is very excited to be back and hopes everyone enjoys the The Life and Death Richard the Second and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Carrie Hamilton

Set & Props Designer - Bard on Bower Festival

Reina Jugueta

Costume Assistant/Dresser - Bard on Bower Festival


Reina Jugueta started her theatre experience with Primestock's Bard on Bower a few years ago as dresser. She is happy to be back as costume assistant and dresser after some stints as Stage Manager in CAT in the last few years. Most recent one was "The Miracle at 34th St." last Nov 2021. She also had the same position for the workshop production of "It's Coco" mid-June this year. Please enjoy the show.

Sarah Keith

Hermia - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Bollingbroke - Richard II


Sarah Keith is an actor and musician from Canmore and is stoked to return for her second year with Bard on Bower. Her first love is for Shakespeare and she aims to create classical theatre that is high quality but accessible and unintimidating. This July, Sarah will graduate with a BA in acting from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and she intends to continue her career in Liverpool this Fall. In her spare time, Sarah runs a by-commission knitting shop and loves to hike, swing dance, play board games, and make pies.


For Prime Stock Theatre: Much Ado About Nothing (Leonato / Seacole), A Comedy of Errors (Dromio of Syracuse).

Rick Knievel

Builder & Sound Tech - Bard on Bower Festival


Rick returns this season to once again construct the set for BARD. Having previously built the set in 2021 and serving as Technical Director for BARD on BOWER in 2015. Rick was the resident Technical Director at Red Deer College before the program folded. During his time at RDC (now RDP), Rick managed the scenic shop and provided strong mentorship to upcoming stage technicians. Before his time at RDC he taught for many years at Notre Dame High School.  Rick’s past experience also includes Stage carpenter for the Badlands Pasion Play and for Theatre Calgary. 

Nicole Leal

Production Manager- Bard on Bower Festival


Nicole Leal is a graduate of Red Deer College’s Performing Arts & Creation program. She has worked in positions such as the Artistic Director for Tree House Youth Theatre in 2016, to a seasonal director for Butt Ugly, as well as co-founding Red Deer’s newest improvisation group called Improv Jelly. Nicole has also worked as Central Alberta Theatre’s Production Manager. Her work as an actor include Prime Stock Theatre’s Bard on Bower, B.I.T.E., Butt Ugly, CAT dinner theatre productions, Irene Adler in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series adapted to the stage by Albertus Koett, and an alum for RDC’s mainstage performances. Various parts in film include an extra with Ignition Theatre, and landing the lead role in CACHE Production’s film Are You Listening. Nicole is enjoying her role as AAD for Tree House Youth Theatre and Production Manager for Prime Stock Theatre's Bard on Bower, as well as being a stay at home mom.

Alicia Maedel

Philistrate, Fairy, Sentinel - A Midsimmer Night's Dream

Aumerle - Richard II


Alicia wants to welcome you to the show and thank you for being with her today. Alicia has loved singing and acting since she was young, being in related courses all through her primary school life.  She continued to hone her skills by completing a bachelor of music from the University of Alberta, and acting diploma from Red Deer College. She got to perform as Lord Farquad in the program's production of Shrek the musical.  Outside of class she has acted in multiple children theatre productions, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas portrayed Lenny in Crimes of the Heart with CAT and now is trying her hat at Shakespeare. If you’d like to know more email  Enjoy the show!

Alahna Mallett

Assistant Director - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Assistant Stage Manager - Richard II


Alahna couldn't be happier to be back for her second year with Bard. Growing up in Red Deer, she fell head over heels for theatre back in high school as a techie at Hunting Hills. Last summer's Bard on Bower refuelled that fire, and then some! Since then, she has joined the Prime Stock team on the board and is incredibly excited for you to see what all is in store. Right now, that's Shakespeare! Alahna has reprised her role as Assistant Stage Manager this year, as well as testing out her Assistant Director wings. It's been another incredible time putting these shows together with everyone, and she hopes you'll be swept up in the magic just as much as she has.

Gwen McCagg

Costume Designer - Bard on Bower Festival


Gwen, is happy to be back at Bower ponds for her 9th show. A graduate of the costume cutting programme at Red Deer college.  She has acquired an extensive collection of interesting costumes.  Gwen also does costumes for Tree House Youth Theatre and Central Alberta Theatre.  Some of her favorite shows that she has worked on are Sweeny Todd Jr. (Tree House Youth Theater), Sherlock Holms Series (CAT), Blood Relations (CAT), and As You Like It (Prime Stock Theater).  Gwen would like to thank her friends and family for all the support she gets.  “Hope you enjoy all the hard work that goes into these shows!”

Vahn McGagg

Staveling, Fairy & Mustardseed - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ensemble - Bard in a Box - Bottom's Up

Ash Mercia

Hippolyta & Titania - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Director - Bard in a Box - Bottom's Up

Fight/Intimacy Director - Bard on Bower Festival


Ash is an actor, improviser, and director; she is also a playwright, and writer who specializes in sketch comedy, song writing, and video game reviews and editorials. She holds a BEd in English/Art and a Theatre Performance and Creation diploma. She has performed and trained internationally (Italy, USA, Slovenia), and is constantly creating plenty of content locally and online ( She’s a certified beekeeper (without bees) and an avid squirrel enthusiast.

David Owen

Director - A Midsunner Night's Dream


David holds a PhD in Performance and Theatre Studies from York University, an MFA in Directing from the University of Calgary, and an MA in Dramatic Theory and Criticism from the University of Alberta. He is an award-winning scholar, a theatre director, and published author. This is David’s second stint as director for Prime Stock Theatre, the other was Romeo and Juliet in 2018! Some of his other directing credits include What Lies Before Us at the Edmonton Fringe, Doctor Fautus and The Birthday Party at The Walterdale Theatre, Love Virtually at the Toronto Fringe, and The Importance of Being Earnest at Red Deer College! David is overjoyed to have the opportunity to direct Dream for Bard and with this amazing ensemble! 

Irene Poole

Helena - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Richard - Richard II


Irene Poole is an actor and singer-songwriter from Banff, AB. This is her first year in Bard on Bower. She loves spending her summers exploring Shakespeare, and has worked with the Canmore Summer Theatre Festival for the past three, doing shows including Twelfth Night (Feste/composer), Much Ado About Nothing (Margaret), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena). She graduated in 2021 with her BFA in Musical Theatre from LIU Post in NY. When she is not acting, Irene enjoys playing her original songs around the Bow Valley, spending time in nature, or working on a knitting project. Much love and gratitude to everyone involved in this process!

Casey Powlik

Snug & Peasblossom - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ensemble - Bard in a Box - Bottom's Up


Casey is an actor/performer located in central Alberta. She was a competitive gymnast for most of her youth. The performance component of gymnastics inspired her passion for acting and performing. She brings her love and excitement for acting to every project and role, hoping to expand her experience and reputation in the acting profession. This summer for Bard on Bower 2022, Casey brings her passion for acting to life on stage for audiences to enjoy. She is also an avid cat lover and an enthusiastic baseball fan.

Piper Remple

Assistant Director - Richard II


Piper Rempel is happy to be helping out as an assistant director with Primestock this season. She’s been working as a director, designer, and teacher in the Alberta theatre world since 2016. She hopes you enjoy some Shakespeare in the sun!

Alexander Rogers

Lysander - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ensemble - Bard in a Box - Bottom's Up


Alexander has been performing with several theatre companies in Central Alberta. He was most recently in a production of Noises Off as Gary Lejeune. The is his first production with Primestock Theatre and is delighted you have come to join him, and hopefully a goose or two.

Dan Vasques

Theseus - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Tour Coordinator - Bard in a Box - Bottom's Up


This is Dan’s eighth, maybe ninth time doing Shakespeare in Bower Ponds, starting way back in 2013 when he played Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet. Since then he’s been able to do a lot of other shows with a lot of other amazing performers and it feels amazing every time and he will keep doing this forever as long as it doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much. This season Dan plays Theseus, the Duke of Athens, in A Midsummer's Night Dream. How convenient. 

Allison Weninger

Flute & Cobweb - A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Green, Carlisle & Exton - Richard II


Allison grew up watching The Bard on Bower, and is delighted to return for her second year as a performer. A drama student at the University of Calgary, her theatrical focus also lives in props and stage management. When not in the theatre, Allison can be found laughing at her own jokes and trying to schedule Dungeons and Dragons sessions. She would like to thank you all for supporting the arts in Central Alberta. For Primestock: Don Jon/Dogberry - Much Ado About Nothing, Dromio of Ephesus - A Comedy of Errors.

Layne Zazalak

Nick Bottom - A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Gaunt & Northumberland - Richard II


Layne is an actor local to Central Alberta. This is his third season with Prime Stock Theatre and he's very excited to be back. Layne has a profound respect for Shakespeare and his work and can't wait to share that with you! Layne is a massive nerd and if he's not working on a show you can find him voice acting from home or playing tabletop games with his friends.


Prime Stock Theatre Board of Directors:

President - Lori Lane

Vice President - Alahna Mallett

Secretary - Nigel Lane

Treasurer - Dan Vasquez

Artistic Director - Richard Beaune

General Manager - Kimberly Beaune

Member at Large - Christine Moore

Member at Large  - Dustin Lawrence


Artistic Director Emeritus - Thomas Usher

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